Hello there.​

I am Víctor,
a freelance copywriter who hates photos.

But you probably wanted to see the guy that’s going to write some killer copy for you.

I help companies get their message across to Spanish speakers through copywriting.

Being bilingual helps, I guess.


What can I do for you?

I write words that drive traffic and convert visitors into clients.
That means you do more business and earn more money.
Más dinero.


I can write your web copy in Spanish, Catalan or English, researching your brand and audience to provide words that convince customers to take action.

It’s not easy. I know. But I can make it easy for you.


I can write blog posts and SEO articles. I can even build a content calendar for you. 

I’ll take care of the keyword research, the writing and add those special touches that send your content flying up the search rankings.


I can translate your message to Spanish and Catalan. Or I could find a native speaker to do it the other way around. 

Transcreation is what you need if getting your point across is more important than each individual word.


These lovely people have already worked with me.

Here’s what they had to say:

Most testimonials are fake. These are not.
If you want to make sure, feel free to contact them. Yes, they gave me permission to do that.

This is me.

A CELTA certified former ESL teacher with a passion for communication, branding, guitars and ridiculously spicy food
who decided to leave the classroom behind to do what he does best: write words.

Here are
some clients.

I’ve worked with small business owners, multinational corporations, marketing agencies and public institutions.