About me.

On how a Spanish guy in his early 30s who used to teach English and Spanish as foreign languages,
eats waaaay too spicy food and devours books can help you grow your business.

I also pretend to be a metalhead but I play a Telecaster.

I am Víctor.
I fled from the classrooms to become a freelance copywriter.

I help businesses like yours get rid of language barriers
and convert more customers.

Don’t get me wrong.

I do love teaching and I still do that from time to time.
The feeling of having someone learn something new.
Grabbing complex ideas and putting them in a way that’s understandable.
Knowing that something just clicked for them. That’s pretty amazing.
And that’s a skill I could translate into my writing.  See what I did there? No? Never mind.
I get to know your audience like I had to know every single one of my students. I get to understand their needs and their frustrations.
So they can understand how you can help them.
So they become your clients. 

More on that since it's probably why you're here:

I studied Philosophy, then became certified to teach English as a Second Language, then did a postgraduate course in Digital Marketing.

I did that while reading everything I could from the gods of copywriting (Sugarman, Ogilvy and Halbert would be my top 3) and investing more money than I am willing to admit in learning from the best copywriters in Spain.

I used to play in a metal band. We disbanded in 2019 after 3 albums and 10 years of touring. Playing metal in Spain can be… disheartening.

When my friends travel abroad, they always bring me the same type of souvenir:
whichever crazy spicy shit they have in that country.
I think Lebanese harissa sauce is the best I’ve had so far.