I rushed this page. I don't rush my emails.

You’ve probably landed here after reading some of my stuff on LinkedIn.

I mean, it’s not like I’ve published the link anywhere else.

Both Google and I are extremely happy about that. Now I’d like to make you and your inbox happy.

I could tell you more about what I’ve planned for my newsletter. But I won’t. 

I like surprises and I hope you love them too. Because both this mind-map that’s sitting next to me and my NewsletterToDoList.docx (I excel at naming) are full of them.

There’s a subscription box at the bottom. I’d love to see your name on my ActiveCampaign dashboard.  

You could consider it an investment. You pay me with your data now, I share dividends in the form of fun emails with lots of storytelling and debatable value.

Scroll down a bit and type your email. Or don’t.

Speak soon,